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Cohen's hearing disaster proves the obvious: Congress is broken

TThe House's oversight committee, the main investigative body of the Congress, became Wednesday a group therapy session, with one of the country's leading lawmakers openly accused of racism in the testimony of Michael Cohen, the defender turned opponent of Trump.

It was not pretty. In fact, it was so serious that Democratic rookie Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Managed to convince the chairman of the committee, representative Elijah Cummings, D-Md., To defend one of the most close allies of the president, the representative Mark Meadows, RN.C, accused of racism.

Cohen had to use his testimony to describe Trump as a racist. Meadows then invited Lynne Patton, a black man, a long-time friend of Trump and currently a HUD administrator, to testify otherwise. The defense itself has not proved much. It certainly did not come with malicious intent. Many racist people can have individual friends of color. But at worst, Meadows' action was ineffective.

Tlaib was obviously in disagreement.

Rather than using his post – a remarkable appointment for a freshman, especially considering the number of Democrats who waited their turn to replace him – to gather concrete evidence of Trump's corruption in its governance, Tlaib decided to take on another member of the Supervisory Committee, guaranteeing a large-scale merger in Congress.

"The fact that someone is actually using an accessory, a black woman in the House, on this committee, is a racist on its own," Tlaib said of Patton's presence in Meadows.

Meadows immediately reprimanded the attack, becoming visibly moved by the fact that his niece and nephew were people of color and demanding that his words be removed from the record, his right as a member. Everything came down from there.

Cummings gave Tlaib the opportunity to rephrase her remarks and go back, an opening she immediately denied, causing a visible vision of the president.

"I do not call this gentleman, Mr. Meadows, a racist for that, I say that, in itself, it's a racist act," Tlaib replied.

Meadows directly appealed to Cummings, who came to Meadows' defense and considered him one of his "best friends". It was a surprising and strange moment, almost positive for its bipartisanship but humiliating for the dignity of the most powerful body in the nation.

To reflect, a hearing aimed at determining whether Trump's relationship with his personal lawyer constituted a presidential corruption turned into a crisis of emotional feelings triggered by an ugly racist movement alleging the racism of the first woman Congresswoman to call for The complete eradication of the only Jewish state in the world. It would be almost funny if these morons were not responsible for designing the laws that dictate our lives.

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