Colby Covington says Kamaru Usman is starting to show signs of CTE


Colby Covington has a direct interest in the main co-event of UFC 235 and is confident that Tyron Woodley will wipe the ground with Kamaru Usman.

Covington – or he likes to be nicknamed "America's Champion" – won the "America's Choice of the Week" north of the border when he spoke on Canadian radio TSN.

"I see Woodley starving Usman," Covington said. "I think the experience of Usman, he did not really fight a good wrestler able to hit too. He does not really have a good strategy. He tries to move forward and put pressure on a fighter, but he does not really have gasoline like that. He thinks he's doing it, but that's really not the case, so I think he'll be knocked out. "

"He was dropped in fights. He was abandoned by my teammate Hayder Hassan, he was almost stunned by this kid who was a jobber Emil … no matter [Emil Meek]. So he's going to get into something, "he said. "He went into things and was abandoned many times. He's already starting to show signs of CTE, so I think Tyron Woodley is going to knock him out. "

Covington was a little more cordial when he spoke about the health of Robbie Lawler's brain. It seems that even an MMA stub like Covington is charmed by the beloved Lawler.

"Robbie is a cool guy, I like this guy, but I hope he'll retire soon. I have a lot of love for this guy. He has a family, "said Covington. "He must think about the longevity of his life and the health of his brain, as well as his coming out of this sport."

That's why Covington chooses Ben Askren to beat Lawler at UFC 235: "Ben Askren looks like a 36-year-old virgin," Covington said. "He looks like my science teacher. This guy is a joke. What's wrong with this guy? But other than that, I think he's going to beat Robbie because Robbie is the oldest man in the sport. It has the most striking strikes in the history of the UFC. "

UFC 235 will be held in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, March 2nd. Jon Jones and Anthony Smith compete for the UFC light heavyweight title in the main event. The co-main event includes Woodley and Usman in a welterweight title fight.

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