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The cold opening for the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" saw the Trump administration take liberties with a rock classic.

Alec Baldwin came back as President Donald Trump, letting America know that he was going to calm down, now that summer is almost here. He then said that he would do everything that he would not have time to do: "play golf, visit friends in prison and take advantage of all the new rates coming from China".

Trump then declared that he was in "cruise control" until he was elected for a second term, before embarking on an interpretation of "Do not stop now".

Aidy Bryant, press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Cecily Strong, first woman, Melania Trump, and Beck Bennett, vice president, Mike Baldwin, accompanied Baldwin. Chris Redd (Kanye West), Kenan Thompson (Supreme Court Justice), Clarence Thomas, and.

The "SNL" version of the song addressed some hot issues, including the recent restrictive abortion laws passed in several southern states.

Finally, Robert De Niro came back as special adviser, Robert Mueller, claiming that he had "something very important to say to the American people," which prompted Trump to intervene and declare that he was not going to "There was no collusion or obstruction!

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