Colin Kaepernick has asked for 20 M USD to play XFL


New reports have been reported that former San Francisco 49ers activist and social activist Colin Kaepernick had asked the XFL for $ 20 million to participate in the upcoming league redesign.

According to Michael McCarthy's report from Sporting News, an XFL spokesman spoke about the league and Kaepernick spoke of the possibility of joining him last fall. McCarthy also added that Kaep had even asked for a hefty fee when he joined his rivals from the XFL, the Alliance of American Football League. Let us know if you would like to see Kaep join one of the aforementioned leagues in the comments section below.

The XFL is back on television in 2020 and has already started recruiting players. Keep the lock here for more details.

Earlier this month, Kaepernick reached a settlement with the NFL. On the occasion of the celebrations, Nike launched Colin Kaepernick's "True to 7" jerseys in limited edition.

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