Colin Kaepernick met with XFL and wanted $ 20 million to play: Report


It sounds familiar.

Colin Kaepernick was in talks with a second-rate football league to play quarterback until his request for a $ 20 million stalled talks.

<p class = "web-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Sporting News reported Monday that & nbsp;Kaepernick spoke with the XFL last fall& nbsp; Vince McMahon's league membership, which will begin in February 2020. "data-reactid =" 18 "> Sporting News reported Monday that Kaepernick had spoken to XFL in the fall about his league led by Vince McMahon, which is expected to debut in February 2020.

<p class = "canvas-atom web-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "The report arrives a few weeks after the announcement of the new Talks broke between Kaepernick and AAF on a similar request of $ 20 million. "Data-reactid =" 19 "> The report comes several weeks after the announcement of the breakdown of discussions between Kaepernick and the AAF on a similar request for $ 20 million.

Kaepernick would have refused another offer

Monday's report quotes an XFL source, with Kaepernick's lawyer, Mark Geragos, who has not sent back a comment request.

While it is not surprising that Kaepernick maintains a firm stance as to its value with the XFL and AAF, it is a little surprising that the XFL is even considering Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick reportedly asked for $ 20 million to play in a league that promised to avoid politics and controversy. (Getty)

The previous incarnation of the XFL had been touted as an irreverent alternative to the NFL in its only season in 2001.

XFL promised to avoid politics

The new version promises to be sober and conservative behind McMahon, who backs Donald Trump, who has promised on the league's announcement to avoid politics and controversy, especially with regard to the protests and demonstrations. Social injustice and racial inequality during the national anthem.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "" Let me say as far as our league is worried, it will have nothing to do with politics, nor with social problems either, " McMahon said in 2018. "We are here to play football. We want a very good football, and that's what the fans want too. "Data-reactid =" 46 ">" Let me say that our championship has nothing to do with politics nor with social problems. McMahon said in 2018. "We are here to play football. We really want good football, and that's what fans want.

"When they log in, I do not know if they want to tackle social problems and things like that, and that's what we're going to deliver."

Vince McMahon promising "nothing to do with politics", the interest shown by the XFL for Colin Kaepernick is a surprise. (Getty)

McMahon also hinted at an imposing rule that players represent the anthem.

"With regard to the national anthem, I think this: the national anthem is an ancestral tradition that is played to this day and many years in our country," said McMahon. "Whatever our rules, these are the ones our players will respect."

Why would XFL want Kaepernick?

<p class = "canvas-atom web-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "None of that jibs with the signature Kaepernick, the face manifestations of social injustice in the NFL. & nbsp;Kaepernick recently settled a collusion complaint with the league& nbsp; after not having played the last two seasons while he was a good quarterback from the NFL in a league that has trouble finding the best advertisers. "data-reactid =" 71 "> None of this with the signature of Kaepernick, the face of social injustice that protests Kaepernick, of the NFL, recently settled a problem of collusion with the League after not having He played in the last two seasons as a good quarterback to the NFL in a league that struggled to find the best advertisers.

Joining teams with a league whose founder has subscribed to Trump's position that players should not be allowed to kneel does not make weight.

Of course, if Kaepernick asked for $ 20 million to consider playing for the league, he was probably perfectly aware that the salary demand was a non-starter. The XFL plans to pay pound quarts of around $ 250,000 per season, according to Sporting News.

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