College Sports: Why does Kyler Murray, from Oklahoma, have a chance to meet Sam Ehlinger of the Longhorns on the way to the Big 12 meeting


AUSTIN – For the record, Texan quarterback Sam Ehlinger has not had a hard time talking about the match from his Oklahoma counterpart, Kyler Murray.

"I would really like to comment on that," Ehlinger said, surrounded by reporters Tuesday. "I absolutely respect his game."

Murray was not exactly like next Monday when media availability for Oklahoma. A week after praising a quarter of Alabama and rival Heisman, Tua Tagovailoa, Murray took on a different tone.

When asked how much he respected Ehlinger's game, Murray laughed at the podium: "I have no comment on that."

Tuesday's story was the story of two men participating in the Big 12 Match at AT & T Stadium on Saturday.

After Ehlinger dominated Murray, after Texas, against the OU 48-45 in October, Ehlinger went to congratulate Murray for his match at the Cotton Bowl. The CBS Austin video shows the 6-3 Ehlinger typing Murray, listed at 5-10, on the top of the helmet. Words were exchanged with Texan defender Kris Boyd, the disturbing peacemaker.

"I went to congratulate him for his great game, that's all," said Ehlinger about the exchange between him and Murray after the 48-45 win. "I respect his game, and that's all."

Murray said that he was surprised that Ehlinger congratulated him and that he celebrated it with his teammates if the roles had been reversed.

"If we had won the game, I would not have faced it at that time," Murray said.

Murray, who had lost only one other match as a high school or university starter, could barely contain his emotions at the post-game press conference, personally taking defeat.

While Murray posted generally monstrous numbers (304 yards rushing, 92 rushing yards) en route to counting five total touchdowns, Oklahoma was left to take a pass from 45 to 24 early in the fourth quarter. The Sooners needed a furious return led by Murray before losing late in the game 48-45 on an investment from Cameron Dicker.

And Ehlinger experienced an escape game, totaling a 386-yard attack and five touchdowns. If he can match Murray again, Texas could have another surprise shot.

Other Texas players have expressed their point of view on the incident, predictably supporting Ehlinger and enjoying a bit of fun at Murray's expense.

"I guess your old boy does not like losing, but you lost, so that's what it is," said defenseman Charles Omenihu, who leads Texas into the sacks and plated for the backhand. "His comment from yesterday, I'm not surprised he 's said, if you know him or know how he is doing, it' s not surprising.

"To be honest with you, I do not care. It's funny for me. I saw him and I started laughing. It's very very funny. I will probably laugh after that, and go watch it and laugh again. "

This week has not lived up to the Texas-OR things of yesteryear, such as the icy meetings of Darrell Royal and Barry Switzer or the exaggerated statements of Brian Bosworth.

But it's a clear reminder that the two schools do not really like each other.

"It will be a dirty game," said senior defensive lineman Chris Nelson. "It's going to be a dog fight. But I love it, man. You will probably see hitting after the whistle. You will probably see many things if you have your eyes wide open. But that's why we came here.

Regardless of the heat associated with Texas-OU, anything that will be said this week by anyone will have no effect on the ground Saturday.

"When you play, nothing is said on the podium, it would be important," said Omenihu. "You call it disrespect, I think it's comedy, they manage things the way they want, we're going to manage it the way we do." All I know is Saturday, everything will be treated. "

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