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Coloradan Details Hard Landing In New Jersey – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Passengers who left the Denver International Airport for Newark, New Jersey, were greeted on Saturday on the east coast with a scary landing. Blown tires and more skidded United Airlines Flight 627. The problem caused visible bodily injury inside and outside the aircraft.

(credit: CBS)

"Sensational, it just happened, you never think about what's happening," said Chris Anthony, a Coloradan sitting in first class flight.

Anthony, known for his skiing and charity work, told CBS4's Dillon Thomas that he was going to Newark to catch a flight to Italy when the plane left the track.

Chris Anthony (credit: CBS)

"We started to bounce back. There was really something wrong immediately, "said Anthony. "The plane went up in the air, then came down the nose first."

More than 160 passengers were on board the flight, according to a spokesman for United Airlines. Nobody was seriously injured.

(Credit: Duncan Gerding)

"We were in a complete mess. We started skidding and getting off the track, "said Anthony. "I was really worried that it rolls or loops. But the pilots did an amazing job to keep us in position. "

Anthony started recording a video on his phone when the plane was immobilized. The video shared with CBS4 showed sections of the walls at the front of the aircraft dislodged from the ceiling.

(credit: Chris Anthony)

"The cabin started to crack a bit," said Anthony.

When the passengers came out of the flight by emergency stairwells brought into the aircraft, the captain heard at least one of the tires of the aircraft blow on landing.

"It was a close call, but everyone is gone," said Anthony.

The skid forced the airport to stop flights for a while, resulting in delays and cancellations. Moving the aircraft out of the runway proved difficult as weight distribution was a problem as baggage and passengers were removed from the aircraft.

(Credit: Duncan Gerding)

"Many people miss flights," said Anthony.

Anthony applauded the United Airlines crew members for successfully stopping the plane and ensuring everyone gets off the plane safely. However, he added, the airline may have failed to provide passengers with information and ensure that they are able to get to their final destination as soon as possible.

However, Anthony said that he was just happy that everyone is fine and can go home at the end.

"Problems of the first world. At least we are moving away, "said Anthony.

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