Colorado governor signs bill on red flag

Colorado Gov. Jared PolisJared Schutz PolisColorado's governor should sign Internet neutrality bill Colorado sheriff says "red flag" firearms bill does not concern mental health Sheriff is a victim of a law on firearms: I go to prison to protect the Constitution (D) signed the "red flag" firearms bill on Friday, giving judges, starting in January, the power to temporarily remove weapons from those suspected of risking injury or injury; ;other people.

Polis had for a long time been signing the bill creating a process by which a family or household member, or a law enforcement officer, could apply to the court for a temporary protection order against extreme risks.

"This law will not prevent all gunshots, but it can be used in a targeted way to allow those who suffer from a mental health crisis to be able to temporarily dispose of a court order." guaranteeing that they do not harm themselves or others, "said Polis Friday." Today, we may be saving the lives of your nephew, your niece, your little one. -son."

The draft law on protection orders against extreme risks was tabled in the Polis office after two months of debate.

Proponents of the law claim that the law is likely to prevent mass shootings and reduce the number of gun suicides, but Republican opponents say the law could violate Coloradans' second amendment rights.

According to The Denver Post, about half of the counties in the Centennial State have passed resolutions declaring themselves "Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties", in which judges and sheriffs are not encouraged to give or execute orders to withdraw the weapons of the houses.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams had earlier told CNN that he preferred to go to jail than enforce extreme protection orders.

Under the legislation, applicants must "establish on the preponderance of the evidence" the fact that a person poses a threat by owning or buying a firearm and submitting an affidavit under oath and under oath. of perjury. A judge would then hold a hearing to decide whether to grant the order for a maximum of two weeks. During this period, all parties involved appeared in court. At that point, the judge would decide whether the weapons should be withdrawn for 364 days.

The burden of proof rests with the owner of the firearm to prove that he is not likely to injure himself or others.

The Democrats had made legislation a priority last year after taking control of the Senate. The signing of the bill makes Colorado the 15th state to have a law on the red flag. The District of Columbia also has a similar law.

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