Colorado's 6-3 win over Pittsburgh – BSN Denver


Boy was a business upside down. The Avalanche has come into this one just now to defeat their Daemons and the Nashville Predators last night on the road. You would never know that they played last night, however, to the way they started the game.

They came out with the jump and made the Pittsburgh Penguins look like the team. A first-line brilliance led Sam Girard to the first goal of the match. A goal from Erik Johnson and Colin Wilson's point guard allowed the Avs to climb 3-0 in the second period and they were on their way to a sixth consecutive victory until all hell came together. unleashed.

In the last minute of the second period, Sidney Crosby scored two goals, the first on a breakaway from Nikita Zadorov's break-up, and he scored the hat-trick early in the third to tie the game something to steelers fans be excited for a few minutes.

The Avalanche was right when it came back from the finish line at 10:05 of the third period and survived a 90s style defensive tactic that has escaped the attention of the officials while at the same time. along the way. Moments later, Carl Soderberg scored against a goalkeeper and that 's how Avalanche won 6-3. They are currently on a run of six straight wins and 8-0-1 in their last nine games.

Not bad as a response to a series of five consecutive defeats, huh?

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