Comparison of new AirPods and old AirPods

In March, Apple launched the second-generation AirPods, with several updates over the popular wireless headphones of the same name.

So, what has been improved in the new AirPods compared to the old model, and what remains unchanged? Keep reading to find out.

New price AirPods vs old AirPods

Purchase of the original Apple AirPods was simple because they came with a single price of $ 159, but that changed with the second generation models.

New AirPods still at the same price, but customers now have the option of purchasing headphones with a wireless charging case priced at $ 199.

Apple also offers the wireless charging box separately for $ 79. If you already have the first generation AirPods you can buy the case and charge your earphones with any Qi compatible charging mat. The wireless charging box always includes a Lightning port so you can charge your AirPods via a cable if you prefer.

Apple new AirPods can be ordered from the Apple website and will be available from the Apple Store and resellers from March 26, 2019. Apple no longer lists the first generation programs. AirPods on its website, but you should be able to find them elsewhere online at a lower price now than the new AirPods are available.

Design again AirPods vs old AirPods

Apple new AirPods identical to the first generation models, except for a single LED at the front of the wireless charging box. This light simply tells you the charging status of the AirPods when you place them on a Qi compatible charging mat. On the standard charge case, which came with the original AirPods, the LED was inside the lid between the two AirPods go.

Otherwise, both versions of AirPods have the same dimensions and weight, and both are only available in white.

Processor again AirPods vs old AirPods

The second generation of Apple AirPods use a new proprietary chip called H1, while the original chip AirPods run on the W1 chip.

Both chips are responsible for the seamless pairing process of the headphones, but Apple says the H1 allows the new AirPods to connect to calls up to 1.5 times faster and generally provide a more stable wireless connection to devices such as iPhones and iPads, while making it twice as fast when you switch from 39, one active device to another.

In addition, the H1 chip offers a reduced latency of 30%, which means you need to benefit from fewer delays between on-screen events and the audio that accompanies them when playing games.

Using Siri with a new AirPods vs old AirPods

One of the main features of the new AirPods is the ability to invoke Siri hands free when you wear them, thanks to Apple's new H1 chip.

With the first generation AirPods you have to double-press the earpieces before you can talk to the personal assistant, but the new models let you just say "Hey Siri"It's especially useful if you wear them when your hands are busy or if you want to control your music exclusively with the help of Siri orders.

Battery life in New AirPods vs old AirPods

Apple new AirPods offers the same battery life as the original AirPodswhich corresponds to 5 hours of single charge and more than 24 hours of additional battery capacity in the charging case. According to Apple, the second generation AirPods offers 50% more talk time because of the H1 chip.

In other words, the new AirPods get up to three hours of talk time per charge, versus two hours with the previous generation. So it's something to think about if you used them to take a lot of calls.

Bottom line

The second generation of Apple AirPods The improvements made to the original wireless headphones are not revolutionary. The company appears to hold supposed features, such as health surveillance, noice cancellation and next generation water resistance, expected by 2020.

That said, new features such as hands-free "Hey Siri"Activation and wireless charging are always desirable improvements, and even if you're not convinced that they offer an interesting upgrade over your first generation. AirPodsyou can always buy the new wireless box to charge your existing headphones with a Qi compatible keypad.

Whatever you decide, be sure to check out our complete AirPod guide to learn more about this AirPods can do and how you can get the most out of it, and read our summary for more details on the next generation AirPods.

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