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Conan cancels Kumail Nanjiani's last-minute cancellation by blocking Nanjiani's competition

Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien
Screenshot: Conan

Conan O'Brien started his Thursday show by making a small preview of his new Conan format and noting that, if the unthinkable happened and that a guest, for example, called to cancel half an hour before the show, "you are really screwed up". Well, Conan was really screwed up, whereas Kumail Nanjiani had been caught (or so he said) filming overtime on Silicon Valley in Marina Del Rey. S addressing his audience (who, like Conan, was in Burbank) after his escort, presenter and life partner, Andy Richter, announced the Stuber Appearing promised the star at the top of the series, Conan told them bluntly: "He lied fucking."

So what's a 25-year-old late-night veteran to do when his one and only guest is having a party just before he's absolutely contracted to do a show tonight? Well, if you are Conan, you are vamp. You conjure up a shaggy guy named Francisco, who came from the studio audience, that you hang out while you accused him of possibly being the last person to have attempted to sell illegal grass in a state where marijuana is legalized. You are interviewing your longtime assistant, Sona Movsesian, during a full segment, listening to Conan's podcast. Conan O'Brien needs a friend know that it will be a truly entertaining battle of passive and aggressive-aggressive aggressives. Andy will do some slams, comparing Kumail to Liza Minnelli (the only other guest to have shot a last-minute powder, in 1996) as a "troublesome diva" and nailing him with a "Kumail Non-Showy Sick". -Uppy "engrave. (Gets a respectful handshake from Conan.) You play a 10-second video on a mobile phone emailed to the middle of the series, in which Nanjiani Silicon Valley Co-star Thomas Middleditch takes responsibility, saying that he did not know his lines.

But most importantly, you are coming out of a little comedy revenge of old school Conan O'Brien. Noting that Nanjiani was coming to the show to promote his new boyfriend comedy action Stuber, with the necessary promotional clip, Conan installed the studio-commissioned ad in his impromptu monologue before launching. . . an extract of The Lion King, which opens against Stuber This weekend. "You have to come get the cookie," was the harsh assessment of Andy's situation, while Conan was launching at Lion King clip once more during his interview with Movsesian, just to be mean / funny. With regard to abruptly repetitive clip gags, he may not have Mac and I or Walker, Texas Rangerlevel, but for a last-minute improvisation, it was a solid Conan.

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