Conan went to Japan, rented a family contractually forced to laugh at all his jokes

For some time, Conan O'Brien's has been realizing his "Conan Without Borders" segments on the SCT, transplanting his strange and sarcastic sense of strange strangeness into places as diverse as Haiti, Italy and Mexico. His last trip may have finally tested O'Brien's natural southpaw talent, while he was heading to Japan for, among other things, a small rental family experience. .

As shown in the clip above, Conan sits with Family Romance founder, Ishii Yuichi, to help her choose a new wife, a new daughter and a new father in her catalog. company, filled with actors who engage regularly to serve as family members face the "crisis of loneliness" in Japan (or just so that the customer looks happy and be successful, as the case may be). Conan managed to pick a pretty good crew, despite his obvious enthusiasm / discomfort at the absurdity of the concept as a whole, making jokes about the need to find a "woman" young enough to meet his Californian standards of life. .

In fact, we've already written about Yuichi, both because Paramount was planning to develop a show about the Japanese family-renting industry earlier this year and also because its entire business model is both fascinating and damned. (For example, Yuichi is not only the operator of the company, but also one of his most successful rentals, he has become fake with more than a dozen women, and would have served as a surrogate father to a little girl for over a month). decade.) That's enough to make the three-year contract between Conan and the fake Briens (who laugh about it because they have to do it) seem fleeting, even if the animator seems really happy to finally have a figure paternal. who is contractually obliged to tell him that he is the best. (At least he resisted the urge to blackmail the whole group "Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon are the worst".)

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