Condé Nast chooses a technical framework specialized in the agreements for the transaction


"There is no point in trying to use logic to predict consumer behavior," he said. "It's a lot more rewarding to see how they behave and adapt your business models to that."

This will likely mean trying new businesses and leveraging some of the company's most successful digital efforts. Besides online video, Vogue China has become a source of revenue for the company, thanks to its strong presence on the Chinese mobile application WeChat, which can be seen as a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google.

In total, the company's international operations have become a positive point, generating a profit of $ 50 million for 2017, mainly in Asia. American and European weapons are still suffering losses.

In addition to his turnaround efforts at Pandora, Mr. Lynch helped publicize Broadcast Cuban's Internet company more than 20 years ago when he was a banker at Morgan Stanley. The agreement finally allowed Mr. Cuban to become a billionaire, who is now known to be the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise and host of the reality show "Shark Tank".

"He reminds me all the time," said Lynch. "Internet assessments were hard to understand or rationalize at the time. I think the first day, the stock has tripled.

Mr. Lynch also has a hobby: he plays guitar in a group of classic rock covers, the Merger. The other members of the group are also general managers, he said, and the group participated in charity events. open for Lady Antebellum.

His past work as a negotiator and relief artist could make eyebrow at 1 World Trade Center, the US headquarters of Condé Nast, but he said that a company sale was not up to the agenda.

"I will not expect that to happen," Lynch said. "The family has owned it for decades and I think it will stay that way. This is part of the call. I would not have taken this job any other way. "

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