Confused Rule: Ja Rule curses kings, announces that Karl-Anthony Towns, T-Wolves, leaves Sacramento


Ja Rule must understand that, as Uncle Ben had warned us all, great responsibility entails great responsibilities. Ja tried to channel his own powers, like the real Power of the Curse of Graod, which flows in the veins of Lil B and casts a curse on the kings of Sacramento.

Why kings get caught in Ja's line of sight? It's perhaps because the rapper was upset by a tweet from the Twitter account of the team that had summoned him during his match last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. They were close to a loss to the same team that was supposed to be taken by Rule.

The same "When the curse does not work" refers to Rule putting a hex on the Timberwolves after they incorporated a shot of the Fyre Festival while mocking his disastrous performance at the halftime of & # 39; 90s Night.

Rule not only thought that he was imbued with the power to curse a basketball franchise, he also predicted the eventual departure of Timberwolves star, Karl-Anthony Towns. So why did he mention that KAT was going to leave the kings during a period of free time, when he also cursed them two days later in a tweet that has since been deleted?

The Kings' Twitter account was not going to back down to Rule, triggering a return to Fyre.

The problem with Rule trying to exploit his own curse on BasedGod is that he could have contacted Lil B, who would have informed him that in December 2017, the Kings were one of the seven NBA teams to have received the blessing of BasedGod. .

Go Ja.


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