Congratulations! Porsha Williams had his little daughter by C-Section


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PJ has made his long-awaited arrival and Williams and his fiancé Dennis McKinley are delighted.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley are officially parents!

the Real housewives in Atlanta The star and her fiancé, entrepreneur Dennis McKinley, welcomed a little girl named today by C-section! Porsha's youngest sister, Lauren, confirmed this news with an Instagram capture of the happy parents.

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McKinley posted a photo earlier in the day with Porsha at the hospital waiting for PJ's arrival. McKinley has ensured that the working mother feels like a queen by complimenting her for her fine every nine months.

As for the official name of the baby PJ, it is still outstanding … but fortunately, the new parents have found a way to have fun with this name. Williams and McKinley distributed biscuits in the delivery room, decorated with different brand names, including Paige, Pilar and Pia.

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Williams documented her pregnancy during RHOA Season 11 – first keeping baby news from her casting companions secret. She reveals that before meeting her fiance, she had almost given up on finding the man of her dreams and starting a family. Finally, she had an epiphany and decided that there was no reason to rush. "For me, I thought of a lot of creative ways to do it without a man," she told PEOPLE. "Once I realized it was not necessary, it gave me a little more time," she says. "So, I'm not obsessed with this anymore."

Porsha says that she finally had a happy and healthy pregnancy, despite some health problems that needed to be monitored. The reality TV star told podcast Yes Girl from ESSENCE: "I did not find out that I had fibroids until I was pregnant. It's not cool. After experiencing a series of miscarriages in her previous relationship due to a continuing struggle against fibroids, Williams was ecstatic to know that this pregnancy was A-OK.

"I passed the date I had my miscarriage, so you start to think you're saying wow! She will really be there, "she continued. "I'm really connected to her now. I thought it was, but I'm not really connected until recently. "

Congratulations to mom and dad for your beautiful package of joy!


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