"Congress not serious" refuses to cope with the rise of borders

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By Ben Kamisar

WASHINGTON – Kellyanne Conway, a White House advisor, said on Sunday that "a little serious Congress" could not stem the influx of immigrants seeking to enter the United States. on the southern border, and had defended President Donald Trump against critics that his rhetoric would have contributed only to the problem.

Conway said Congress should spend less time responding to "every tweet from Donald Trump" and developing legislation to prevent trafficking, to give the administration more flexibility when it It's about keeping children and families in the community longer and streamlining them. asylum applications.

"We have a bad congress that does not come to the table," she said.

"Republicans have failed to do their job when they were in charge, no doubt. And the Democrats do not manage to meet in the House. "

Congress has expressed concern over the past few days over the President's reshuffling of the Department of Homeland Security's leadership, which has led to the resignation of several senior immigration officials.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned last week under pressure from Trump after disagreements with the White House on border policy, as did Acting Assistant Secretary Claire Grady, who had been the next in the lineage of the agency. This paved the way for Customs and Border Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, Trump's preferred DHS interim director, to take temporary control.

The president has increasingly focused his attention on the situation at the border and also criticized the Democrats on Twitter for not being able to stop the illegal crossing of borders.

This week he said he had "taken into consideration" sending undocumented immigrants into federal custody in so-called sanctuary cities, describing the plan as a way to force Democrats to enforce their immigration speech.

"They say we have open arms, they always say that they have open arms, let's see if they have open arms," ​​Trump said.

Conway said that it was a proposal for cooperation and not a threat.

"It was not a headache, that's what was done," she said, adding that mayors could go to the White House if they wanted to help by temporarily hosting undocumented immigrants.

Candidate presidential governor Jay Inslee, D-Wash., Reacted to this idea in a separate appearance in "Meet the Press," calling it a threat that would not work because cities would open their arms to immigrants without -papers.

"It's an immeasurable act of chaos that will simply not work for this inefficient president," he said.

"You can not threaten someone with something that does not scare them and we are not afraid of diversity in the state of Washington."

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