Congressmen reportedly sexually harassing night-shift staff: report

According to a recent report by the Inspector General on sexual harassment within the Capitol Architect, members of Congress reportedly sexually harassed the night shift staff of the night shift guard service, while They cleaned their offices.

The IG's report, first published by Roll Call, examines the Capitol Architect's (AOC) response to sexual harassment complaints over the last 10 years. It includes allegations that members of Congress and their staff were sexually harassed by workers,


"Employees reported hearing harassing conversations, being the target of harassment, and observing material such as pornography, but do not talk about fear of losing their jobs," the report says.

It found that 57 incidents of sexual harassment have been reported since 2008, of which 44% were corroborated. The report notes that it is a relatively small number, but the perception remains that harassment is a problem.

The IG said it found a "reluctance to cooperate" with the WCA survey and cited it as evidence of "cultural resistance and lack of transparency at all levels. ". He denounced an "outdated cultural attitude" in some departments, which set the tone for "lawfulness".

In its introduction, the GI report noted that the survey results were "mostly positive" and indicated that the majority of the gaps identified were already in the attention of those in charge.

Roll Call reported that Congress was engaged in 2017-8 on a mission to reorganize the reporting of the harassment of Capitol Hill employees, including the imbalance of power that may arise when legislator harasses a subordinate employee.


"Nobody got an answer when we asked," What will happen if the harasser is a member of Congress? », Said an employee at the GI. "It was not a hypothetical question. It happens."

Depending on the point of sale, dozens of legislators would sleep in their offices rather than renting an apartment, some mattresses, futons and a wall bed, which means that night staff may eventually meet lawmakers undressed.

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