Conservative commentator assaulted while delivering speech at university campus

CAn author and commentator, Michael Knowles, was assaulted by a protester while he was giving a lecture in front of the Missouri University campus in Kansas City on behalf of Young Americans for Freedom.

Thursday's event was titled "A Night with Michael Knowles" and the theme of the conference was "Men Are Not Women". Knowles deplored the identity politics spread by many progressives who, in his view, devalued higher education.

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"A class is currently being taught at an American university to angry white men, and when I look at who's angry, I'm not sure if that's so," said Knowles, 29, a graduate of the University. Yale. But the protesters then interrupted Knowles, calling his rhetoric discordant and hateful.

"I know, I look so hateful, you look so adorable and kind," he replied.

A protester threw out some kind of liquid stuff, which Knowles took some milk or paint, which caused the police to attack it on the ground and stop it. An officer appears to be using a stun gun against the protester. The protester was identified as a student of the UMKC.

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While the protester was stopped, others started shouting: "Do not let go, shoot!" Other law enforcement officials pushed the rest of the protesters out of the room before Knowles resumed his lecture.

Outside the site, protesters held outdoor signs saying: "Trans rights are human rights," "Respect my existence" and "Trans men are men," according to Twitter users on campus Thursday night.

After the event via Twitter, Knowles told law enforcement officials that the substance the protester had thrown at him was bleach.

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