Conservatives have no idea how to handle Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Cigar in hand, Rush Limbaugh spent an evening last Sunday watching a CNN presidential town hall. As a very influential conservative radio presenter who helped Donald Trump win the White House win, Limbaugh is not the kind of voter that Democratic presidential hopefuls think he can achieve through events organized in the United States. city ​​halls.

But Limbaugh had to admit he was impressed by one of the candidates: the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

A few days later, on his radio show, Limbaugh had predicted that Buttigieg, a "friendly" man, would "make minced meat" from his main rivals.

"There was no radicalism," Limbaugh said.

A month later, Buttigieg is on the rise in polls – and Limbaugh does not like it anymore.

On April 1, the same day Buttigieg announced that he had raised $ 7 million, Limbaugh told the audience that Buttigieg now had many "radical ideas." He went much further one day later, suggesting that the recently deceased father of the mayor of the millennium, an expert on the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, had indoctrinated his son to communism.

"He grew up learning Gramsci, Marx and Engels," Limbaugh said of young Buttigieg. "He did not grow up learning about Madison, Jefferson and Washington."

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