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A US consumer monitoring group is calling for the recall of an inclined sleeping chair for infants, associated with more than 30 infant deaths in the past eight years.

Fisher-Price's Rock 'n Play, which is also available for sale on select Canadian websites, is a product designed to help babies sleep by tipping them. He has been promoted to American parents for "a night's sleep," but experts do not recommend him for unsupervised sleep for safety reasons when babies begin to turn around at about three months of age.

Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States and Fisher-Price jointly issued a safety alert for the product, urging consumers to no longer use Rock 'Play when their baby is 3 months old or " as soon as a baby has reversal capabilities. " The statement also acknowledged that the product had been linked to the deaths of 10 infants aged three months or more.

But according to the US Consumer Reports monitoring organization, his survey, released Monday, links the president to three times more deaths – 32 – since 2011, especially among infants under three months old. Consumers Reports argued that the safety alert did not go far enough and that a full recall of the product by Fisher-Price was necessary.

"Based on deaths and injuries related to Rock-Price's Play, the product clearly puts the safety of infants at risk and must be recalled immediately," said William Wallace, Senior Policy Analyst at Consumer Reports. , in a statement released on Monday. "All other inclined sleepers should be investigated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These products are in conflict with the safe sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and manufacturers should remove them from the market. CR also recommends that people do not use them to sleep and leave them unattended. "

In another statement released Friday, Chuck Scothon, chief executive of Fisher-Price, said, "The death of a child is an unimaginable tragedy" and that "Fisher-Price has a long and proud tradition of prioritizing to security as the cornerstone of his mission ".

The company also reminded parents to follow all safety instructions: "Always use the restraints provided, always keep babies on their backs and make sure no pillows, blankets or extra padding are placed in the crib." the Rock 'n Play Sleeper.

In Canada, Fisher-Price is prohibited from marketing the chair as a sleeper. Although Canadian parents can buy it online, such as Walmart Canada, Amazon or resale websites, in 2011 Health Canada demanded that it be classified as a "soothing seat" rather than a sleeper "in the light of Safe Sleep program recommendations Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Canadian Pediatric Society. "

The Canadian Pediatric Society has long emphasized the need to create a safe sleeping environment for infants to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). CPC recommends that sleeping babies not be put to sleep during the first year of their lives and advises parents "to use a firm, flat surface to sleep". She also recommends not to use soft materials. "Water beds, air mattresses, pillows, sofas / sofas or fluffy materials are not safe sleeping surfaces for babies," warns parents. "Babies can turn to the side or the stomach and plunge their face into these soft tissues without having enough air to breathe."

Although the rate of SIDS has declined in Canada, it remains the second leading cause of death among healthy infants, according to the Government of Canada.

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