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Controversy "Big Little Lies" Season 2: Director Andrea Arnold

Forget the whole drama of the Monterey School System: HBO's Big little lies has a lot of drama off camera too.

According to a bomb report from our sister site Indiewire, the current season 2 of the award-winning drama at the Emmy featured a major power struggle behind the scenes, with director Andrea Arnold dismissed after a film shoot for the director and executive producer of the film. season 1, Jean-Marc Vallée. Arnold's sequences were remodeled by Valley to better match the visual style of Season 1 – despite the fact that he was assured that she would have creative control of the look and feel of Season 2's Friendliness – and an additional 17 days of filming were scheduled, with Vallée unofficially taking over the reins of Arnold.

The result, in the words of Indiewire, is "slightly disjointed," with eleven renowned editors (!) Working in the hometown of Vallée, in Montreal, to reconcile the two series of sequences, adding more flashbacks of Season 1 and cutting the original page over 60 pages. scripts to 40-minute episodes. Arnold would have been "torn" by this experience, especially after the cast and EP – including writer David E. Kelley – were so complimentary in their praise of Arnold during the production. (Season 2 of Big little lies ends on Sunday, July 21st at 9 am / 8 am on HBO.)

HBO responded to the Indiewire report with a statement: "There would be no season 2 of Big little lies without Andrea Arnold. HBO and the producers are extremely proud of their work. As with any television project, executive producers work collaboratively on the series. and we think the end product speaks for itself. "

The off-camera voltage on season 2 of Big little lies to come to the screen? Let us know how this season compares to Season 1 so far in the comments.

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