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Corona Costco victim of a shootout: Kenneth French's family expresses during an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles Police Department is gathering evidence and video footage as part of an administrative investigation into a police officer on furlough who shot dead a man and killed a man, authorities said. he attacked inside a wholesale Costco Southern California warehouse store. The authorities remained dumb on Sunday, failing to respond to requests for comment on the causes of Friday night's confrontation and whether anyone, with the exception of the agent, was armed. Two others were seriously injured during the shooting in Corona, 40 km east of Los Angeles.

The officer opened fire after Kenneth French, 32, of Riverside, assaulted him "without provocation" while he was holding his young child in detention, the Corona police said Saturday. .

Bullets hit French and two members of his family, police said. The officer was the only person to have shot in the store, police said.

The cousin of French, Rick Shureih, told CBS Los Angeles that he was "non-verbal, never violent".

Shureih also told CBS L.A. that the other two victims were the parents of French, Russell and Paola French, and that they would have remained in an intensive care unit on Sunday. Authorities have not officially unveiled their names.

Shureih said the incident was to be a horrible misunderstanding, according to CBS L.A. He said his cousin was "never violent". He said that Kenneth had "mental problems", but nothing ever made him violent. He described Kenneth as a big guy and because of his problems he looked empty.

On Facebook, Shureih wrote, "I do not keep quiet about it.People need to know that it's my family."

Corona Police and Riverside County Attorney's Office will conduct a separate investigation into the shooting. The LAPD said Sunday that she had no other information. Corona Police and District Attorney's Office did not respond to requests for comments on Sunday.

Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said Sunday that Chief Michel Moore had decided to put the officer on leave, but it was still unclear whether this would happen. The identity of the agent has not been revealed. He was treated and released at a nearby hospital and his child was not injured.

Ministry policies allow officers on leave to carry concealed weapons for as long as they are authorized to be used on duty, in accordance with the Los Angeles Police Manual.

190616-costco-shooting-02.png "height =" 349 "width =" 620 "class =" lazyload "data-srcset =" https://cbsnews3.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2019/06/ 17 / 92a229f9-4365-4383-bbe3-c02795d7a08e / thumbnail / 620x349 / e397f5869b3c622b680722candead382b22 / 190616-costco-shooting-02.png 1x "srcset =" image: photo, color-based image, optional% 2F% 2Fwww.w3 .org% 2F2000% 2Fsvg% 20viewBox% 3D% 0% 200% 20620% 20349% 2F% 3E "/></span><figcaption class=The scene of a deadly shootout on a Costco in Corona, California on Friday, June 14, 2019.

CBS Los Angeles

Joseph Giacalone, a professor at the John Jay Criminal Justice College and retired sergeant of the New York City Police Department, said that it was justified to use lethal force even in a store crowded, if the attacker had a weapon.

"If the guy took out a pocket knife and approached it, the game is over," Giacalone said Sunday.

The police did not say if the French had any weapons or if the police officer identified himself as the police before shooting.

Giacalone said that video recordings of Costco's cameras and buyers' mobile phones would be critical to parallel investigations.

Although it is not unusual for the police to delay the disclosure of information such as the name of an officer during a shootout for security reasons, Mr. Giacalone said that it was important to get the details as quickly as possible.

"People are starting to meet deadlines for you" in the meantime, he said.

The shooting provoked a rush of frightened consumers, some of whom fled the store while others sought to hide inside.

Witnesses reported seeing a fight between two people near a freezer when shots rang out at least six times.

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