Corvette fans use the power of the Internet to fight dealer surcharges


The Corvette 2020 is a cool, fast and well-watched car, and some unscrupulous dealers want to take advantage by annotating them over the MSRP.


So you waited and watched the Internet, looking for new performance cars. You have followed its development and saved your money, and finally, it has come out, and holy shit, you can afford it, hardly. So, go to your local dealer.

This is where things can often get worse, because when you arrive at the dealership and head to the car of your dreams for the first time, you look at the window sticker and your dark heart. The retailer has added its own margin to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

This happens often, and US brand dealers are among the worst offenders. That's why a large group of Corvette enthusiasts is taking action to fight back and, quite predictably, is using the Internet to do so, according to a report released Sunday by Motor1.

It all started as a common thread on CorvetteForums where users reported that they had met dealers asking for massive deposits on orders for Corvette 2020 C8or, worse, they would ask for increases of at least $ 30,000 over the MSRP of $ 59,995.

Forum members began to list the dealers willing to sell the car as Chevy wanted, as well as other less-scrupulous dealers who were trying to take advantage of the massive amount of interest that the first mid-engine Corvette had tripped.

According to the article, it is more common to find cars sold at retail prices or around the MSRP at larger dealerships. What's cool is that this thread not only allows buyers to find their vehicles without being targeted by prey, but also resellers, who are committed to selling them at a given price.

Now, although we have selected dealerships for American cars, they are not the only ones to score high-demand cars, even though they are limited production vehicles as we have seen with Porsche 911 R or just newly advertised cars with cult follow ups as we see it with the Corvette.

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