Costco lobster claws | POPSUGAR Food

Costco is a treasure of giant foods. Need a cookie of three pounds to feed the birthday party guests? Easy. Do you want a five-tier, cheese-based wedding cake to replace sweet candy? No problem. Still, I'm always surprised when the department store brings out something I've never seen before – like those three-pound lobster claws, recently spotted by excited shoppers.

Some Costco establishments, mainly located in California, appear to have started offering two, three and four-pound lobster claws in their meat and seafood sections. It's not known how long lobster was an in-store option, but the images of Reddit and Instagram go back to January of this year. If you can not have your own medium sized claws on these huge ones, do not worry. Most Costco stores still offer packages of six live lobster Maine counts, of a more manageable weight of 1.25 lbs.

Coming up, watch the gigantic lobster claws, including spectacular side-by-side comparisons. As the @julesfood user wisely says on Instagram: "I hope we have enough butter ?!"

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