Could Fortnite be referring to flawless objects in a certain area of ​​the map?


This is officially the season of speculation at Fortnite, season 8 is just a few days and Epic Games has released two teasers on the upcoming season.

Fortnite now has two teasers for season 8, which has prompted many fans to say what they think of next season.

For the first teaser, we looked at what appears to be a pirate hook. While many players focus on the image, some words may be referring to something.

The famous fortified streamer Nick Eh 30 assumed that the first teaser might suggest a place on the map where vaulted objects can be found.

This sounds like an interesting theory, but it could certainly cause problems and negative reactions with members of the community.

Many vaulted objects, such as smoke grenades, revolvers, SMGs, etc., are for the most part harmless, but bringing guided missiles could prove inconvenient.

That's why this theory sounds good on paper, but that does not seem to be something that Epic Games would do if players did not choose what would be displayed.

Could you imagine indignation if the planes found a way to appear there?

What do you think of this theory? Is this something you would like to see happen?

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