Could Meghan Markle ever become queen?


Fans around the world are obsessed with the line of succession to the British throne. This can sometimes be quite confusing, as Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch that many of us have known. With several members of the royal family, including little Prince George, known as "future kings," people are wondering who will take control of the ruling monarch and when.

Even if we know that Prince William will one day become king, many fans are wondering whether it is possible that the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, ever become queen?

How does the line of succession work?

While almost all members of the royal family have a place in the running for the throne, whether it is the first or the fifteenth rank, only a small number will be the ruling monarch. The line of succession is the order in which a family member will become king or queen, and the line of direct succession usually includes children born to the firstborn of monarchs and future monarchs. Prince Charles being the eldest son of the queen, he will become king at his death. When Charles dies, his eldest son, William, will take over the throne and Prince George. The future firstborn of Prince George will be the next reigning sovereign after him.

Why will not Kate Middleton be Queen?

Many fans are surprised to learn that Kate Middleton will not really be the queen nowadays! She will be what is called a queen wife, which means that she is married to a reigning monarch. Since Queen Elizabeth is the direct descendant of a king in power, she is a reigning queen, which means that she reigns as of right.

Why is Prince Philip not a king?

The line of succession and its operation can lead many people to wonder if Prince Philip is a king. The answer is no, he is not. The reason why? The wife of a reigning king becomes a queen consort, but not the husband of a reigning queen. For this reason, he is nicknamed Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who became Prince of the United Kingdom five years after marrying Queen Elizabeth.

There is very little chance that Meghan Markle will become queen

Even though Meghan Markle will certainly not be a sovereign sovereign, since she is royal by marriage, there is very little chance that she will ever become queen consort. Although possible, it is very unlikely. For that to happen, Prince Harry should be king. For Prince Harry to be king, he would have to live to witness the deaths of Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, as well as all the children they might have at their disposal. 39; future! This is only when Harry could take the throne, which means that Meghan would be a queen consort.

Meghan is still one of our favorite royals

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Daniel Leal-Olivas – Pool WPA / Getty Images

Future queen consort or not, we still love Meghan, and she will always be one of our favorite royals! As part of it royal dutiesshe does a lot of charity work and has sponsorships such as the Royal Patroness of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Royal Patroness of the National Theater. She also visits schools and other organizations with Prince Harry and works on equality and women's issues. Meghan is also dedicated to her millions of royal fans, taking the time to wander through engagements and appearances, shake hands and interact whenever possible.

Although chances are, Meghan will never be a qsour she is one of the hardest working members of the royal family! Her work never fails to amaze her fans because she impresses us with everything she does!

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