Could Walmart be the next big company to launch a streaming game service? – TechCrunch


Google stole the show at GDC this year with the launch of Stadia. What was missing in the details of the game streaming service, it was more than offset by the buzz. The software giant is certainly not the only one looking at space, however. A new report from US Gamer also puts Walmart in the running.

In recent years, the retailer has embarked on high technology. He has made prestigious acquisitions, notably, in order to compete with Amazon, for example. The company has even tested stock verification robots in around 50 of its stores. And with CTO's recent release, Jeremy King, he could very well be looking for the next big hit.

According to reports, Walmart reportedly met developers and publishers at the GDC. It is difficult to say how far these discussions are advanced and the people involved in the leaks naturally wanted to remain anonymous. The company certainly has the backbone infrastructure to try a service. She also has a loyal clientele in the United States to whom she sells a lot of video games.

But given the abandonment of its video streaming service starting in January, the talks could only be mere discussions.


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