Covid-triggered black fungal infection is back, Gangaram hospital warns: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

New Delhi, May 6

Gangaram hospital said on Thursday it was once again witnessing an increase in cases of mucormycosis triggered by COVID-19 – a kind of dangerous fungal infection.

Manish Munjal, the facility’s senior ENT surgeon, said: “We are again seeing an increase in this dangerous fungal infection triggered by Covid 19. In the past two days, we have admitted six cases of mucormycosis. This deadly infection last year resulted in high mortality, with many patients suffering from eye loss and removal of their nose and jaw bone.

Gangaram ENT Department Chairman Ajay Swaroop said infection is commonly seen in patients recovered from COVID-19 with comorbidities such as diabetes or kidneys, heart failure or cancer.

“The use of steroids in the treatment of Covid infection and the fact that many patients with Covid are suffering from diabetes as a comorbidity could be one of the reasons for this increase in black fungal infection again . Covid patients with weak immunity are more prone to this deadly infection, ”he said.

Doctors said that early clinical suspicion of symptoms such as a blocked nose, swelling of the eyes or cheeks, and black scabs in the nose should immediately lead to a biopsy and the start of antifungal therapy as soon as possible.

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