Cowboys’ Jerry Jones makes emotional confession on infamous Jimmy Johnson split

It’s no secret that there is no love lost between Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones, the former is expected to join the latter at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. The two battled through adversity around the turn of the 1990s when Jones bought the team and pulled the Dallas Cowboys out of a downturn that saw the organization bleeding roughly $ 1 million a month – with talks on possible relocation – in an NFL dynasty. After going through the first two meager seasons that saw them finish 1-15 and 7-9, respectively, a Jones bombshell with the Minnesota Vikings with Herschel Walker as the bait helped give Johnson the staff which he needed to win two Super Bowls in Dallas.

The club would win one more following the toxic divorce between Johnson and Jones, but many attribute Lombardi’s victory under Barry Switzer in large part to his ability to keep Johnson’s roster from derailing – until ‘he can no longer. And that’s how two alpha males got into a fight in the public forum over who was most important in building the Cowboys Dynasty, which ultimately led to Johnson shutting him down (he wasn’t fired) instead. than to continue working under Jones.

The Cowboys haven’t been the same in the decades since, and in a rare moment of public clarity Jones took all the blame for what happened in the mid-1990s: a pointless feud that is become the end of an era.

Speaking at the Cowboys’ first training camp press conference in Oxnard, Calif., Jones became emotional about it.

“The idea of ​​being part of and coming to training camp comes to mind, and of course Jimmy was involved. [back] At that time. It all comes to my mind when I think back to that time, “Jones said.” We were actually together here four and a half years, and I had known him for 10 to 15 years before that, or 20 years before that, and I thought the world of him or he wouldn’t have coached the Cowboys. “

And speaking of Switzer, he’s the one who looked Jones in the eye and called him out as he saw him.

“When I think back to when we were able to profit and what happened to us during that time, I come back to what Barry Switzer said,” Jones continued. “Barry Switzer came to the office and Jimmy had just left. Barry came from Norman, Oklahoma, to talk about getting the job. And he walked in and he said, ‘Where’s Jimmy?’

“Now Barry had coached us both. He said, “Where’s Jimmy? I said, ‘Jimmy is gone.’ He said, “Well, that’s not right. Get him. Bring him here. Where’s Jimmy?”

“I said, ‘Barry, Jimmy is gone. We’re setting here talking about you as a coach.’ I said, “What the hell are you so eager to talk to Jimmy about? He said, ‘I just wanna poke the two of you little holes on that couch and ask you both how the fuck could you fuck this? . ‘”

Jones didn’t see it that way then, but with the benefit of age, experience, and hindsight, he certainly does now.

“Well, I’m just thinking about those good times,” Jones said, as he started to hold back tears. “And Jimmy is a great coach. Ridiculous, my role – it was my job to stay the course. It was my job. I should have shown deference to something that was working well.

“These are the things that come to mind. We had a great race. He’s a great coach, and I’m proud to have him as a friend, and proud to have had the moments that we have had. . We have just had a great experience. “

The Cowboys were never able to regain the magic they possessed when Johnson and Jones were in the building, just as the former could not have achieved the same success without the latter during his time spent coaching the Dolphins. of Miami during his last four seasons in the profession. So it turns out that the credit for what the Cowboys may have accomplished in the past was due to both, and also, as opposed to one or the other on a weighted scale.

There’s only water under the bridge now, or at least most of the time, with Jones not closing the door (like he once did) on Johnson being elevated to the coveted Ring of Honor – Johnson himself noting that Jones will do it when the mood is right. At the very least, this move would be a big step towards healing the wounds of a decimated relationship that was once rock-solid, and a divorce from which Jones will never truly recover emotionally – all the while working tirelessly to try and try to resolve. relying on a football ability.

“I was never able to find out why I screwed him up,” Jones confessed. “No, I cannot answer these questions.”

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