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The mediocre Crackdown 3 campaign, rich in collectibles and its poor multiplayer mode is rarely satisfying.

By Brandin Tyrrel

Since the Crackdown 3 modes are very different (and we did not have access to the multiplayer mode in advance), I reviewed each of them separately. You will find below individual reviews for my in-depth reflections on each article.

This final, full verdict and bottom score covers the entire Crackdown 3, but is do not an average of the two. Although the Wrecking Zone's multiplayer mode is bad, it's such a tiny slice of the whole that its presence does not weigh too much on Crackdown 3.

"On paper, the Crackdown 3 single-player campaign checks all the boxes that made the original game a nice game – but playing it is as exciting as going through a checklist and getting downright repetitive after the first few hours. is irrelevant outside of some boss fights, and even if there is a compulsive satisfaction to be wiped out of its many detailed activities, it's never more than that. "

"If the destruction of Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone by the environment is impressive, it misses every opportunity to use it in an interesting way to improve defenseless and multiplayer fights, where aiming is almost entirely automated. "See all that Wrecking Zone has to offer in about 30 minutes, minus the time you will spend in a match after each lap." Unless big changes, Wrecking Zone is just not worth the time it takes. "

The verdict

All these years later, Crackdown 3 responds to what made the original a nice game, but never a lot more. Although compulsive hunting for collectibles may be satisfactory for some time, her campaign as a whole does not evolve beyond a self-locking, mostly bland shooting gallery. Its multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone, showcases orderly destruction in the cloud that has never been used effectively in this tiny and terribly nude mode.


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