Cramps of the human leg becomes viral | The doctors

Doctors discuss a video posted by a Californian man of his calf muscle cramp.

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  1. Me: mom look my leg hurts
    Mom: put a bandaid on it and call it a day
    Me: ?

  2. I had one of those. I woke up screaming. I had one daughter hold down one leg and my other daughter massaged the cramping leg. After the massage,eating tums and taking calcium the cramp subsided. I continued to have pain in it. I went to my doctor and he did an xray. The cramp had fractured my leg. Not a severe break but still had to be treated. It is a freaky thing

  3. The best way to stop it is to find the epicenter of the nerve ending, and thrust your thumb into the center
    It will stop within 1 minute

  4. Poor dude! That's gotta hurt, big time.

  5. That what natural child labor is like.

  6. Who else was getting a cramp watching this

  7. I was in pain with you man. It's awful

  8. That didnt even look like a cramp lol, it gave me nightmares

  9. why did i just sink into my sofa

  10. I had a leg cramp when i was swimming in da pool

  11. There’s a demon trying to get loose

  12. Similar thing happened to my left leg

  13. Another reason to skip leg day…

  14. Intresting cause i thought it is a crap inside of him ?

  15. I remember last year I was doing track and my coach made me do something he called the "Ironman" setup which was the mile the 4×200 the 800 and the 4×400 well after I got done with the last of my events which was the 4×400 I remember me and my friends were walking to the bus and I suddenly had a killer cramp in my leg when u looked at my calf (or at least when my friends did cause I was to busy rolling around on the ground in agony to see it) it looked like it was a wave and my calf was just rolling itself it was weird af and I had to have coach massage it for 7min before it stopped and even then I continued to have short minor cramps for the rest of the day

  16. The title should be “the only man who has experienced Period Cramps”

  17. Jeez it looks like a human inside of him pushing his leg ouchh

  18. I have this same problem! Its not funny!

  19. godamnit i felt that with you…

  20. Poor man just watching that made my leg hurt

  21. damn he needs a new leg muscle.

  22. i can feel the demonic presence.

  23. It could be Isaacs syndrom, people who has it get both these kinds of twiches and cramps and they get very large calfs. It's a very rare disorder.

  24. My god these comments holy shit

  25. That happened to me through out my whole body one day. Thought I was going to die. Come to find out I was working out to much and not getting enough protein.

  26. Why did he just let it go on? Stand on the damned thing.

  27. Darth Vader never actually said "Luke,I am your father"

  28. This is weird – I had this last night – both legs – I was screaming and my poor husband was up rubbing, stretching and squeezing my legs for 45 minutes in the middle of the night.

  29. I’ve never seen it but felt it and you’re not rubbing it or anything. That shit hurts bad it will make you cry.

  30. Solution. Lots of Potassium/banana + lots of massage. Rinse and repeat. I suffered similar for many years. And I am not a body builder. Now I am free of all of that. But is very painful and you cant even move the leg because of the constant fast contraction and release. It can last for 2/3 minutes and you will feel after discomfort in the area for the whole day. A thing that triggered this for me was stretches. Like an early get out of bed stretch will send me into terrible pain.