Cruise vs. Crews: Tensions reported on local air carrier during the shooting of the "Top Gun & # 39;

US Navy personnel confirmed an incident on board a local aircraft carrier during the shooting of the "Top Gun" suite.

Actor Tom Cruise reportedly asked members of the Armed Forces aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt not to look at him or touch him.

"He angered the USS Theodore team during filming [the ‘Top Gun’ sequel]"A Navy member told NBC on Sunday, 7. They said that Cruise was acting" very arrogant ".

Social media posts, such as Twitter and Reddit, have seen service members allege other incidents with the actor.

The NBC 7 source said it was not the first time local service members had conflicts with actors. Navy members reportedly had a conversation with Ben Affleck about his behavior during the filming of the 2001 film "Pearl Harbor".

At 11 am Sunday, the crews had not yet had a similar interview with Cruise.

Another member of the Navy contacted NBC 7 and stated that staff members were instructed to "respect" Tom Cruise and his crew during filming and did not believe it was a problem.

He also stated that the navy "did not tolerate any lack of respect towards its members" and that the navy "did not allow" Cruise to mistreat the personnel.

NBC 7's approached the Cruise representation but has not received a comment yet.

Tom Cruise spotted at NAS North Island for "Top Gun 2"Tom Cruise spotted at NAS North Island for "Top Gun 2"

A national film magazine ranked San Diego among the top 20 places to live and work for filmmakers, a feat supported by the Top Gun franchise.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is docked at Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado.

The cruise was spotted on the set of Coronado in October 2018. Filming began the previous month.

The rest is scheduled for July.

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