Crypto Analyst calls for "Altseason" and expects a less than -30% bitcoin dominance


Crypto Assets To Surge, Claims Reseller

Galaxy, a self-proclaimed "self-proclaimed" cryptocurrency machine, recently pointed out that, from his point of view, the domination of the Bitcoin market (BTC) would be difficult. Citing historical trends, the senior analyst noted that, like the broader market for cryptography, market dominance has had, and will likely continue to experience, long-term cycles over months and years.

In his eyes, the recent rise of the BTC, highlighted by the bear market of 2018, will result in a collapse, while this market will enter the so-called "high season". he would not be surprised if BTC's share in the cumulative value of cryptocurrencies falls below 30%.

He said that if the total market capitalization of all digital assets other than Bitcoin exceeds about $ 61 billion, a slight rebound from current levels, a notable rebound in this subset of the cryptocurrency is "ON" .

The recent Galaxy wire on the rallying potential held by Altcoins comes after expressing its optimism towards Bitcoin. According to previous reports from Ethereum World News, the analyst noted that the optimistic chart "Adam and Eve" described BTC's performance over several months. It has been shown that BTC could slowly reach its lowest annual level of US $ 3,150, before exceeding US $ 4,000 (which would confirm a recovery) and returning to above US $ 5,000, US $ 6,000 and US $ 5,000. beyond by the end of the year.

While his comments on altcoins do not show that he hates Bitcoin itself, Galaxy seems to be sure that other cryptographic assets will easily surpass the "OG".

A convinced Bitcoin will maintain hegemony

Although Galaxy strongly advocates for a monumental rally for altcoins, some argue that Bitcoin will maintain its long hegemony in the years to come. On Twitter, Ari Paul, the managing partner of the BlockTower Cryptographic Asset Investment Group, said that because of Bitcoin's programmability, it's unlikely that it's up to the future ousted by assets / digital channels fast and feature-rich.

He concluded that crypto-currencies could not simply usurp Bitcoin's status as a better string of chains by simply adding features or progressively improving transaction throughput, but by using governance and consensus mechanisms, models currency or different security models.

Paul is not the only one to be convinced that Bitcoin will always be a pillar of this nascent sector.

Barry Silbert, chief executive of Digital Currency Group, said he would remain cautious in his choice of allocations between alternative cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. He explained that from his point of view, a "vast majority of digital tokens" could possibly be evaluated, but nothing. It's strange, especially considering the positions of his companies in blockchain start-up companies and in assets such as ZCash and Ethereum Classic. But Silbert spared no effort in touting this investment thesis, stressing that:

"Almost all ICOs were just an attempt to raise money, but the underlying chip was useless … the vast majority of what is available will be eliminated."

AT. Kearney, a multinational management consulting firm, recently said that Bitcoin's market dominance could rise from 52 percent to 66 percent in the months and years to come. The fact that the institutions are concentrating their encryption efforts on Bitcoin only adds to the idea that flagship cryptocurrency is no longer used any time soon.

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