Crystal Palace 1-3 Man City: Sterling Raheem getting better for the champions

The winger is in excellent shape since the end of the season. It was again a good choice for City. Pep Guardiola's players proved that their midweek defeat was exceptional.

Manchester City to have again the ball in the Liverpool camp by winning a victory against Crystal Palace which was for the most part routine, but also says a lot for their character.

For a long time, City kept control, playing exactly the kind of game he knew they needed, as they resumed their quest for the Premier League title.

Against the Spurs in the middle of the week, they compromised some of their principles, aiming for a tight match that was aimed as much at restricting Mauricio Pochettino's men as at making the most of those of Pep Guardiola.

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The Catalan wanted his players to be cool and at their best at Selhurst Park, and they were. Since the first whistle they made contact with the hosts, bringing them back under the incessant pressure and losses we were accustomed to during the Guardiola years.

Raheem Sterling missed one of the first players and asked if it was a day when chances are lost and titles decided. A few minutes later, he conquered all these doubts in an instant by throwing himself on Kevin De Bruyne's ball. hit the ball in the farthest corner.

As in their recent league games, they had scored in the first 15 minutes and, as in other matches, they used this early goal as a base to keep control of their situation.

And when Sterling scored Leroy Sane's home at home shortly after the hour of play to score his 21st goal of the season, it seemed like the three points were in the bag, given the absolute dominance of City.

Then, things threatened to become uncontrollable. Luke Milivojevic, usually fatal at the penalty spot, lined a free kick on the outskirts of the city and found the bottom corner.

Pep Guardiola Manchester City 2018-19

Cue a nervous finale. Guardiola knows all too well what can happen on land as ancient and historic as this when the home team – and his fans – are ready to fight. City It had been avoided for 80 minutes, but all of a sudden, their victory, which seemed so assured, was in doubt.

But after a few brief moments of panic as Palace sent the ball into the box, the visitors regained control of the game, but kept the ball in the corner. Needs must.

If they showed their pragmatic side, they would show their tablecloth soon after. Pushing upwards, Palace played in City's hands and, with the extra space allowed, De Bruyne, one of the players sitting against the Spurs for the match, chose Gabriel Jesus, who took his time to choose his location and found him duly. he wins at the next pole to put the result, finally, beyond any doubt.

After City 's defeat in the middle of the week, Ilkay Gundogan questioned his team' s mentality, suggesting that Sergio Aguero 's failed penalty response was not that expected of a big team.

But there can be no complaints about City's approach here, either before or after the palace's goal.

After the defeat of the Spurs, Vincent Kompany insisted that City resume its best attacks for the rest of the season, which was evident Sunday.

They achieved the good performance and got the right result, exactly when they needed it.

If anyone at Anfield was watching this match in the hope that City slips, he would be extremely disappointed.

Just town keep going about their business, and they ticked off another potentially difficult meeting between them and the title.

To Liverpool. Again.

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