Cuddlers wanted: North Carolina hospital needs volunteers to snuggle newborns


That's why the NICU of Raleigh's UNC-Rex Birth Center is looking for voluntary hugs.

"It reduces pain, reduces baby's stress and helps healing," Nicole Ross, a registered nurse and coordinator of neonatal screening at the UNC-Rex Birthing Center, told WNAL. "It helps brain development and helps reduce the length of their stay."

Cuddling is an integral part of the care provided at the hospital. Cuddling is not only essential for helping newborns overcome the obstacles they face, but also for parents and their own recovery.

& # 39; USP Grandpa & # 39; cradles babies when their parents can not

"It's a way to reduce stress," said Jennifer Majure, who must sometimes leave his son Wilder, 2 months old, with volunteer hugs. "Knowing that he's in good hands has been a tremendous comfort."

Kelli Ready volunteer is one of 10 trusted cuddlers. "It's exciting for me to be able to snuggle up against babies."

While Ready cajoles newborns such as Kamani, 2 weeks old, it allows Mom Cecelia Williams to kiss Kamani's twin brother, Kamari.

"I just feel that I've done something great for babies to relieve their stress and improve their day," said Ready.

These baby rockers from the hospital & # 39; take care of infants who have no one

Hospitals like Ready have improved the care provided to patients and their families at UNC-Rex, said the hospital. A little over a year ago, she launched a test program for volunteer hugs and hopes to expand because of her success.

Many hospitals in the country have similar programs.

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