Curry credits his contacts for a boost in 3 points


Stephen Curry, one of the biggest 3 point shooters the NBA has seen, has improved his accuracy over the last few weeks.

The Golden State Warriors star credits contact lenses.

Curry, who suffers from an eye disease of genetic origin called keratoconus, told The Athletic that this addition had given him a new benefit.

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"No, I'm serious," Curry said. "It's as if the whole world was open."

31-year-old Curry has found his shot over the past three weeks. Curry has a percentage of 48.7 points of 3 points since March 16, when he began to make contacts. He also sank five or more points to three points in nine consecutive games.

"I had so much used to squint for so long," Curry told The Athletic. "It was just normal."

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