CVS changes ringtone, music to the ears of a Massachusetts doctor


BOSTON, Massachusetts – (AP) – A Massachusetts doctor who has begged CVS to change the pending jingle realizes his wish.

According to the Boston Globe, a spokeswoman for the pharmacy chain announced Friday that the company was updating its voice-response phone system, including music on hold that Dr. Steven Schlozman hated so much.

Last year, the Massachusetts General Hospital Children's Psychiatrist wrote WBUR-FM an ironic letter saying that music haunted him "day and night".

The letter sparked a national debate, with some people praising music and others sharing Schlozman's feelings.

Schlozman says that he finds it great that CVS brings change.

CVS spokeswoman Amy Lanctot did not say whether the company was replacing the melody or improving the sound quality.

She says the new system should be finished later this year.

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