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Cyberpunk 2077 The game looks like Deus Ex, but with something more – E3 2019

Like last year, Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the biggest games of E3 2019. This time it had been featured at Microsoft's Xbox press conference before it was released. be presented in camera. We've seen it for ourselves, and our first impression of The Witcher's upcoming developer CD, Projekt RED, is that it draws a lot of influence from similar titles, such as Deus Ex games. An hour spent on the type of game you will be playing during your Night City adventure, with a special look at the choices available to you in combat and history situations. The big delivery: you will have many options to work in an area or to face the fight according to your style of play and your decisions.

Cyberpunk's RPG basics appear mainly in its "fluid class system", which allows you to choose abilities and benefits in various areas to develop your own version of V, the main character of the game. This means you do not have to not necessarily be a specialized Net Runner (read: hacker) or a Strong Solo (read: super-strong brawler) in particular; you can match your abilities to your desired play style. The abilities you choose will give you various options to deal with the fight, make your way through areas and missions, and interact with other characters, such as games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The E3 demo of CD Projekt showed such a mission and the options available for two different variants of V. After looking for a gang called the Voodoo Boys to get help regarding the "biochip" of V (which seems to contain a "digital ghost" version of Keanu Reeves Johnny Silverhand, who exists only in the head of V), V is given the contract to do a job for the gang. This involves venturing into the Grand Imperial Mall, in the Pacifica district, where a rival gang called The Animals is set up. V's work: infiltrate the building, understand what animals are doing and close it.

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A version of V is slid by the mall loading dock, using cybernetic implants like an optical scanner to spot enemies and carefully bypass them. Good thing too: the animals are renowned for their muscle building and muscle building technology, and the weaker Netrunner V would have been easily bludgeoned had it been discovered. Although you have a lot of firepower, as we saw in the Cyberpunk demo last year, relying on stealth is also an option.

A little further, this version of V, specialized as Netrunner, ran into a surveillance camera covering the corridor. A nearby network node offers the opportunity to hack and take control of the camera through a quick hacking mini-game – but slipping into the network posed its own problems.

In fact, there is a Netrunner that is hiding somewhere in the mall to fight you, and it's not nothing. In Cyberpunk, hacking people can be deadly. The only reason V survives this encounter is Voodoo Boys' Netrunner's help, Placid, who is linked to your character during the mission to provide tactical support. Despite the interference, the network connection gives you the opportunity to manipulate a number of devices in the mall.

Always to discover, V went to a gym where some animals were distracted watching one of their friends with a robot in a boxing ring. V's "fast hacking" technique allowed him to play with the robot, increasing his level of difficulty. This created a practical distraction when the bot brainwashed his partner, causing the fall of a handful of animals to see what was going on. A little further, the track was blocked by another animal using a press station. Fortunately, the Internet of Things is alive and well in the 2077 – V fast hacked the bench press to increase the weight, sending the poor enemy while the weight bar choked him to death. That's why you do not lift without an observer.

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The ability to hack fast has a lot of uses. V was able to commandeer a turret and disable its friendly fire feature, for example. Quick hack seems very reminiscent of the remote hacking abilities that players get in the Watch Dogs franchise, with many similar apps. He also wore a "nanoscale wire", a physical hacking cable that he could cast on nearby enemies to drive them into the brain, cooking them alive or forcing them to attack their friends if you had bought the right software. malicious. Even colder, however, was the fact that the nanowire was doubled with a laser whip – something borrowed directly from the Johnny Mnemonic cyberpunk movie (which also featured Reeves).

By changing gears, CD Projekt showed the same mission with a female version of V specializing in overwhelming force. Implanting cybernetic implants as the force of the gorillas, this V had no opportunity to sneak past the surveillance camera; Instead, she ran to a nearby door and used brute force to force her to open. This created an alternative path in an elevator cage, completely bypassing the animals in the gym. The move had a very Deus Ex atmosphere, with alternative paths crossing accessible areas depending on your abilities and your style of play.

This same access to alternative situations was true in the next room, where V was facing the turret and nearby Pets. Instead of taking control of the turret, this V simply ripped it from its moorings, turning it into a massive minigun and ravaging its enemies. She also had no dislike for the melee fight of her counterpart Netrunner, her weaker, and she started hitting the Animals to death, stabbing them with broken bottles and other tools. practice. You will also be able to use swords, or face unconscious enemies through stealthy, including environmental infiltration attempts. At one point, V was snuck behind an opponent who stood near a garbage chute, grabbed him by the neck and bounced his head against a nearby wall before he throw, take it out and throw it away.

As with its many story choices, the Cyberpunk 2077 does not seem to innovate with its approach to gameplay and game-style iterations. Many similar games in the genre offer a lot of similar variations. Cyberpunk, however, offers a lot of options that fit your style, while making them viable and interesting, which makes it exciting. It seems we've only seen a small glimpse of what you can do in the game: you can play the entire game in a non-lethal way, for example, and mix and match a number of different games . abilities, too. All play styles and abilities seem to have the same passion from CD Projekt, which should make Cyberpunk 2077 a more responsive and individual experience, no matter how you want to tackle Night City.

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