D.C .: Zone forecasts colder this weekend with a slight chance to happen Sunday night; Winter storm next week?



Somewhat subjective evaluation of the time that he does on the day, on a scale of 0 to 10.

6/10: Yeah, it's not 60 degrees. But now gets bonus points to keep the rain and snow cold in our south.


Today & # 39; hui: Becoming partially sunny in the afternoon. Tops: 38-42.

Tonight: Rather clear and cold. The lowest: 24-28.

Tomorrow: Clouds increase, with rain or a mixture developing in the evening. Tops: 36-40.

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Two storms pass near the area this weekend, but both will disappoint snow enthusiasts. The first storm system should spread well in our south today, we now have no rainfall. The second system running on Sunday probably provides precipitation, but mostly cold rains that could mix with some slush or slush.

We will take a break to enjoy the weather during the holidays, before drawing our attention to a complex system of storms ready to settle in the region on Tuesday. What's falling out of this storm? This is impossible to say for the moment, but with the combination of humidity and cold air, this is likely to disrupt the South Pacific region considerably.

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Today (Saturday): The clouds are a little slow to get up in the morning, but the sky should be partly sunny in the afternoon. A light wind blowing from the north at 5-10 mph ensures that temperatures are much closer to average for this time of year, with highs between 30 and 40 degrees. Trust: high

Tonight: The sky should be clear as the southern limit of a high pressure system sneaks into our region. Temperatures fall below freezing throughout the area, with minimums of up to 20 years. Trust: high

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Tomorrow Sunday): On Sunday, the weather is cold but clear, before clouds form quickly in the afternoon. Rainfall is expected to generally remain until nightfall, with some isolated rain showers developing towards the end of the afternoon. A brief period of winter mixing is possible, especially in our coldest areas north and west of the city. Highs are in the first 30 degrees at around 40 degrees. Trust: Medium-High

Tomorrow evening: The rain can melt with the slush for a short time in the early evening, before raining for the rest of the night. The northern and western regions of DC can keep the winter mix a little longer, but everyone should end up with a light rain. Stockings in the mid-30s. Trust: Way


There will be no weather problems on President's Day, as the pressure rose in the area, giving us a generally sunny sky and a pleasant day. Despite gusty northwesterly winds (10 to 20 mph), temperatures should still be as high as 40 to 25 degrees. Trust: Way

Things are really starting to get interesting in Tuesday and Wednesday. The day should be very mild Tuesday, with partly sunny skies and peaks between 40 and 40. Tuesday night, a storm system will approach the southeast, following a track that would usually keep us on the warm side of the storm. However, a recessed high pressure system located over New England will be ideally placed to trap cold air in the lower layers, which can result in considerable damage to precipitation.

There is still too much uncertainty to give details, as Jason and Wes pointed out yesterday, but the probability of snow / ice / rain increases for Tuesday night until Wednesday. Trust: Way


A daily assessment of the potential of at least 1 inch of snow in the coming week, on a scale of 0 to 10.

5/10 (↑): The calendar on Tuesday / Wednesday looks like our next best shot to the white, but serious questions about the type of precipitation remain.

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