D. Forecast Region: Night snow and mix ends, drizzle at times today; no more storm this weekend


* Winter weather forecast until 10 o'clock *

6h15 – Winter precipitation completed, possible slippery areas

Although it will be necessary to wait for more people to wake up and share what has happened in their backyard to get a complete picture, the storm system overnight seems to have largely cooperated with the forecast. The snow broke out around night and after midnight. A few moderate to slightly heavy waves then crossed, mixed with melted snow and rain as you headed south. The totals of a heavy cladding tends to the south about two inches to the north.

This morning's temperatures are mainly in the upper part and below 20 degrees, with readings near freezing and below the freezing point generally north and west of the city. Reports tend to indicate that the roads are largely wet, but keep an eye on the slippery areas, especially to the north and west, and especially until sunrise.

From 5 am in the morning …


2/10: A cloudy, clammy and sloppy day. Once the morning commute is affected by snow and winter mix, the afternoon appears cold and wet.


Today & # 39; hui: Snow / melted snow, then light rain / drizzle. Tops: about thirty to thirty-five.

Tonight: No more drizzle. A period of rain. Low: low to mid-30 years.

Saturday: Drying and cleaning. High: mid-quarantine to about 50.

Sunday: The chances of rain increase with time. High: between 40 and 40 years old.

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Frozen precipitation in the area this morning is diminishing in the coming hours, and we will all have periodic drizzle and possibly more rain tonight. There should be a quick chance to dry out before further precipitation falls again, later Sunday to Sunday night. Next week – and maybe March in general: a little cold.

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Today (Friday): The snowy and winter mixes turn off in the morning. Drizzle persists all day, at least uneven and perhaps more widespread. Most of the region is expected to be in the mid-30s at around 40 degrees. Slippery areas probably remain to the north and west of the city. Light but steady breezes east-northeast make the whole thing more clammier. Trust: Way

Tonight: Evening showers and drizzle can be a little more sustained for a while while a little low pressure arrives, before gradually decreasing towards sunrise. A winter mix can not be ruled out, especially to the north and west of the city – little or no accumulation, however. The northeast breeze continues. Temperatures range from 30 to 30 degrees. Trust: Way

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A few showers and drizzle are possible very early in the morning, but we begin to dry up. Clouds can dissipate slowly, especially late in the afternoon. Temperatures can reach 40 to 45 degrees, but maybe even low temperatures if the sun is enough. Trust: Lower average

Tomorrow evening: The sky becomes partly cloudy. Mid-thirties can be as cold as downtown. Upper 20s are possible outside the Beltway. Make sure to take a look at the thin crescent moon with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in the heavens is before dawn. Trust: Way


Sunday: The clouds are back. Some rain showers are possible in the morning but the weather becomes really wet in the afternoon. We will watch the storm track. Slight changes in timing, amounts and type of precipitation are possible, but until now it seems to be mostly rain. Most temperatures reach highs between 40 and 40 years. Winds are light but stable but can blow. Trust: Lower average

Sunday night: The rain could turn into a winter mix and even a bit of snow before ending. Especially in the north and west of the city. Temperatures may drop below freezing, but not significantly until precipitation disappears. This means little or no accumulation currently expected, but come back later this weekend. Changes are possible. Some smooth spots, anyway. Trust: Lower average

It feels really cool with clear, clear skies Monday and Tuesday. These sunnier skies may be accompanied by northwesterly breezes. Especially on Monday. Temperatures of the two days could only peak in the 1930s, gusts of wind subtracting about 10 degrees. Prepare to pack your bags – perhaps for most of the week – as the Arctic air returns for a stay. Trust: Way


A daily assessment of the potential of at least 1 inch of snow in the coming week, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10 (↓): There is still a small chance of snow / melt accumulation west of I-95 on Sunday night and we will continue to watch as it is cold.

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