Daily US data as of March 30, 2021


Amid growing fears of a fourth wave of Covid-19 cases in the United States, government officials urged Americans to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

At a press conference Monday, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr Rochelle Walensky, said she had a feeling of “imminent doom” and urged Americans “to hold on a little longer”. Later today, President Joe Biden said “the war on Covid-19 is far from won”. He condemned behaviors that could spread infections and said some states should suspend plans to reopen.

At the same time, a new CDC study of vaccinated health workers showed that one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was 80% effective in preventing coronavirus infections and 90% effective two weeks after the second dose. The rate of daily vaccinations is around 3 million vaccines per day.

Covid cases in the United States

About 66,000 new cases of Covid are reported in the United States every day, based on a seven-day average of data from Johns Hopkins University which has been on the rise. This figure is well below the January peak of around 250,000 daily cases, but more in line with the summer surge, when daily cases peaked at nearly 70,000 at the end of July.

Cases are increasing 5% or more, based on the change in the seven-day average of daily cases from a week ago, in more than half of U.S. states.

Covid Deaths in the United States

The United States reports a weekly average of 990 Covid deaths per day, according to data from Hopkins. Overall, more than 550,000 total U.S. coronavirus deaths have been reported.

American vaccines administered

Nearly 2.4 million vaccines were administered on Monday, bringing the average of seven days of daily vaccinations to 2.8 million, a record high.

Biden said on Monday that 90% of adults in the United States would be eligible for Covid vaccines by April 19.

“For the vast majority of adults, you won’t have to wait until May 1. You will be eligible for your photo on April 19,” Biden said.

Share of the United States of the vaccinated population

Data from the CDC shows that 95 million people, or nearly 30% of the U.S. population, have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine. Some 53 million people are fully vaccinated with two injections of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one injection of Johnson & Johnson.

About half of people 65 and older are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

CNBC’s Noah Higgins-Dunn and Berkeley Lovelace Jr. contributed to this report.

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