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Dairy Queen accidentally made a birthday cake with marijuana instead of a Moana cake

What was supposed to be a Moana– The birthday cake has turned out to be much more user-friendly for 420 people than expected.

A woman from Georgia was ordering a birthday cake to her daughter, Kensli Taylor Davis, who wanted to decorate it as the 2016 animated epic of Disney. The Dairy Queen employee taking the order misunderstood, and the woman is rather out with an ice cream cake adorned with a marijuana leaf and a My Little Pony smoking at joints.

Davis posted a photo on Facebook more than a week ago. It has become viral with more than 14,000 shares. You can check it yourself here:

Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage here. Cassandra Walker, the Dairy Queen employee who took the order, stated United States today that she was sent back Monday for the incident – which was also her birthday. Although she readily admits that there was confusion between the order and the order, she explained that an unnamed official in charge also had misunderstood the original order .

"The manager was behind me while I was shooting the images from the Internet," Walker explained. "It happened when I decorated the cake, when I wrapped the cake, it was she who pushed it forward."

A few days later Walker stated that his former job had offered him his old job, but she declined the offer, believing that she should have been disciplined for this confusion, without being fired.

Walker is right not only for the seemingly disproportionate response of Dairy Queen (although they offered to go back), but for the simple fact that the cake in question is the subject of work. serious craftsmanship. The My Little Pony even has bloodshot eyes!

The store offered to redo the cake, but Davis' mother declined the offer. For her part, Davis told WMAZ TV that she had found it all "hilarious".

"I was very impressed with their artistic ability to achieve the design that they did," she said, explaining that she had ordered a birthday cake at the even Dairy Queen in the last 10 years and that she was considering continuing to do so. then next year.

"It will not be Moana or marijuana, "Davis explained with a laugh. I will not have any design. I'm just going to have an ice cream cake if necessary. "

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