Dallas Cowboys: Jason Witten will have five immediate repercussions on the Dallas Cowboys


INDIANAPOLIS – Now that Jason Witten has finished his one-year retreat and is back on the field for his 16th season with the Dallas Cowboys, let's see the immediate impact of this decision on the franchise.

1.) Free agency and project. As this week's approach to Indianapolis, the tight end seemed to be one of Cowboys' biggest needs during the off season. Dallas thinks young Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz have a positive potential, but the position needs to be improved, whether in free mode or in the April project. The Cowboys can always make a tight end or sign one, but the fact of awarding Witten for another season slightly reduces their position, allowing them to focus more on other areas such as defensive line and security .

2.) Leadership. Witten's experience and leadership not only helps with a small group of tight members, but they should also impact a list of young people. The professionalism and work ethic of Witten will again be an example for all members of the team. There are not many current NFL players respected as much as Witten by his peers. A future in training is a strong possibility for the Pro Bowler, who has been recruited 11 times. Therefore, the focus could be more on the development of some of the youngest players.

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3.) Knowledge. After spending 15 seasons with an NFL team, Witten had the chance to go behind the scenes with several others during the previous year while preparing for the upcoming Monday Night Football shows. In these 17 games of the regular season, Witten has participated in production meetings with coaches and players from other NFL organizations. Witten has had the opportunity to play five times with the NFC East teams: once in Philadelphia and twice in Washington and New York. Some of this additional knowledge will be valuable to Witten and the Cowboys as they prepare for their opponents this season.

4.) Red zone. Witten should not take the same kind of role where he rarely left the field. But even with reduced shots, the red zone could be the one where the team benefits the most from its services. The Cowboys struggled to score touchdowns in the red zone last season. Even if Witten is a little slower, he will probably still have the gift of finding room when the offense enters the twentieth position. His ability to produce there has helped Dak Prescott a lot in previous seasons. It will be interesting to see how his presence could help Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, a pair of receivers with whom Witten has never played.

5.) Security cover. Witten and Cole Beasley have been two of the most "pro-Dak" players since Prescott became the starter in 2016. There is no guarantee that Beasley will come back as he is about to enter the independent player mode. If Beasley leaves, Witten can still provide Prescott with a reliable target in the middle of the field or near the line of scrimmage. Witten was not so successful with the Y option as he was the most athletic player on the pitch. Upon his return, he should always be able to use some of these traits that have allowed the success of the route. "They say that Abdul-Jabbar's skyhook was the best of the data," said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett at the retreat ceremony in Witten. "I will put Witten's Option Y against her any day of the week."

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