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Dallas Cowboys: NFL.com has ranked the league's top seed in 2019 and the Dallas Cowboys have not been in the top 10

With regard to the Dallas Cowboys, the word "triplets" is a familiar term.

The trio Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin contributed to the domination of the Cowboys dynasty of the 1990s to three Super Bowl titles, and all three finally landed in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Since then, the organization has been trying to replace its production with various combinations of players including Tony Romo, Dak Prescott, DeMarco Murray, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant and, added last season, Amari Cooper.

The latest opus built with Prescott, Elliott and Cooper coins has expectations in 2019 on the rise for a Cowboys offense that was rejuvenated a season ago after the addition of former Raiders receiver at Week 7.

However, Dallas is not the only home of a potentially prolific trio in 2019. NFL.com's deputy editor, Ali Bhanpuri, recently ranked the triplet group of each NFL team as approaching next season, which may be a surprise for some, the Cowboys. group could not even be in the top 10.

The Cowboys ranked No. 12 and reached that summit only thanks to Bhanpuri who placed Elliott at the forefront of the overall league standings. (See more about his ranking system here.)

"As a driving force of the Cowboys' offensive, Elliott is even more punchy than his wacky stats suggest.It is certainly more than just a product of an excellent offensive line," he said. Bhanpuri. "He is a powerful and elusive runner who has also become an essential part of the team's pass attack, both in terms of hands and blocking ability.

"In simple terms, he is the most complete player in the NFL at a time when there are four or five incredibly strong candidates for this honor."

Bhanpuri agreed that the Cooper's trade had saved the Cowboys season. Cooper was ranked # 12 overall in the broad category between Brandin Cooks (11th) in Los Angeles and T. Hilton (13th).

"The negotiation for Cooper was a brilliant move by Jerry Jones and Co.," said Bhanpuri. "Cooper has revived a group of gloomy receptionists after being acquired at the trade deadline, helping the franchise win seven wins in its last nine games."

The Cowboys' ranking was not up to par, this is the quarterback position, whose ranking was calculated at 1.5 times the value of the other two positions.

Prescott was ranked No. 12 in the quarterback general standings if they were to be used in only one game, and No. 24 in total projected production in 2019. His combined ranking was No. 17 overall.

Since his rookie season in 2016, Prescott has been leading the NFL in wins (14), fourth after four losses in the fourth quarter (8) and second behind Tom Brady in regular season wins (32) I will not excuse myself for his ranking of a match, "Bhanpuri said.

"The two-time Pro Bowler is at its best when asked to be efficient rather than prolific, much like Russell Wilson in Seattle.If Dallas manages Dak correctly, his raw stats should never impress the same way as the other QB Well, except maybe only to the extent that counts. "

While the overall Dallas standings may be a disappointment for his fans, the Cowboys have taken three spots in front of the Philadelphia Eagles, making it the top-rated team at NFC East. The Cowboys were also the sixth best NFC team overall.

"Few teams have a younger core as dominant as Dallas," and I would not be surprised that this group finishes the year in the top 10, "said Bhanpuri.

The Dallas core may be young, but all three parts of the latest version of the Cowboys in "The Triplets" come at the end of their rookie contract. Some rather large extensions seem to be in each of their futures, but these have yet to be completed before this group can have an extra chance to prove how good they can be and they can compete with the legends of Dallas.

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