Dallas Mavericks: The story is made: Dirk Nowitzki passes Wilt Chamberlain as the best scorer in the history of the NBA


It finally arrived Monday night, at 3:25, in the Mavericks-Pelicans game at the American Airlines center.

Dirk Nowitzki beat Wilt Chamberlain as top scorer in the history of the NBA, with a jumper 20 feet from the top of the key on a crucial pass from Luka Doncic.

The basket gave 31 420 points to Nowitzki, exceeding 31 419 in Chamberlain.

Finally, the great German eclipsed the Big Dipper. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said his favorite player, who grew up in the early 1970s, was Chamberlain.

"That's the part of that that makes me, with what I feel for Dirk," says Carlisle.

Nowitzki started this season with just 232 points behind Chamberlain, who was at the time the best scorer in history, but Nowitzki missed the first 26 games of the season while he was had an operation at the ankle, but Nowitzki and Chamberlain were overtaken by LeBron James of the Lakers. .

Chamberlain is a mythical figure in the history of the NBA, arguably the greatest player in the world and certainly the most dominant player of his era.

Growing up in northern New York near the Canadian border, Carlisle began to love the NBA mainly through magazines and traveling to a friend's 10-minute home to watch the NBA game of the week on Saturday night. on ABC.

"He was the guy I was just afraid of," Carlisle told Chamberlain. "Wilt was only one of those larger than life guys who practically did everything on a basketball court."

The exploits of Chamberlain are too numerous to be summarized in a few paragraphs bio, but the most legendary include 100 points in a match, an average of 50.4 points in his third season and an advance to the NBA (8.6 per match) in 1967-1968. .

Although his teams were generally overshadowed by the Celtics dynasty, Chamberlain played against two of the most dominant teams in the NBA title, the Philadelphia Warriors of 1966-1967 and the Lakers of 1971-1972.

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