Dallas Mavericks: WATCH OUT: Doc Rivers catches microphone at Staples Center and leads crowd in tribute to Dirk Nowitzki


If you stayed awake late to watch the Dallas Mavericks game, you had a good time.

The Mavericks may have lost, but the highlight of the match was provided by the Los Angeles Clippers' coach, Doc Rivers. After a pause of less than 10 seconds, Rivers grabbed a microphone from the Staples Center and encouraged Clippers fans to stand up and applaud Dirk Nowitzki as a sign of appreciation.

This special gesture almost moved tears in the eyes of Nowitzki, who seized everything from the court.

Dallas lost 121-112 to Los Angeles, but no one will remember the result. The Nowitzki tribute was the highlight of the evening.

Watch Rivers and the Clippers express their gratitude for Dirk Nowitzki:

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