Damon Jones calls Clyde Frazier and anyone gets shot at LeBron


Damon Jones and LeBron James have a long history together. After James postulated Jones, the two friends continued to play together as members of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After retiring from the NBA, Jones would become LeBron's personal trainer before officially joining the Cavaliers' coaching staff when James returned to Cleveland. This morning, Damon used his appearance on the ESPN website. Get up with Mike Greenberg to call Clyde Frazier for his criticism of the king, as well as for all those who wanted to do the same.

I'm really pissed off and I'm upset for two different reasons. It's not just Clyde Frazier. Since I left here at Christmas, I watch shows after shows and after each show, LeBron James receives criticism so unfair that it drives me crazy. If we want to talk about the fact that the Lakers will not win and not play in the playoffs, that's fine with me. But when you start talking to a guy and you're not a good teammate, that you're a killer coach, that you're a de facto GM, I've played with that guy and I also trained him. It does not matter.

He wants to go out and play at the highest level possible to help his basketball team win. This clip [LeBron sitting at the end of the bench] he did it all year long. In fact, he has done so in the last four years. LeBron James has led the NBA in minutes over the past five years. D & # 39; agreement. So when he comes out of the game, he catches his carpet goes to the end of the bench and he sits down, for what? Two minutes maybe? And here, Clyde Frazier talks about it, he is not engaged in the game. He is the face of the NBA, he needs to be better.

I'll tell you this, Clyde Frazier, because you do not know it. Last night, after the game, I went to dinner with LeBron. And you know what? Six of his teammates were with him. So, if he's not a good teammate, he's not a good leader, he would not be lagging behind with those guys in New York. Let's go there. And it's not just for Clyde, it's for everyone who gets shot by LeBron James – stop. It's not justified and it's not fair. Because these guys have never played with him, have never coached him and have never accompanied him for an NBA season. And if you do not, your criticism is unfair.

Although it is reasonable to think that Jones would assume the role of LeBron in this scenario, it's not something we often see in James' inner circle.

Jones' exit the next day on ESPN seems to indicate that LeBron was at least bothered by Frazier's comment. It may be something they talked about during dinner. Or, it's something that James has completely erased. We will never really know. But one thing we know for sure, is that Damon Jones has none.

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