Dan Crenshaw showed his glass eye to Chris Evans – The war declared on Twitter by Captain America


Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

Actor Chris Evans was hanging around Capitol Hill for a mystery project – but a photo tweeted by Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw sent a crowd on Twitter for Captain America.

National Review Senate correspondent Zach Cohen met Evans in early February, but the star of "The Avengers" was silent about what he was doing in the capital. (RELATED: Chris Evans pays tribute to a fan of "Captain America" ​​who died of cancer)

On Friday, Crenshaw released two photos: one of himself with the man who gave life to Captain America and the other showing his own glass eye, which was created to resemble the shield of the Marvel hero. (RELATED: Dan Crenshaw does not buy Joe Kennedy's opinion on HR-1 "For the People")

Evans responded by sharing the photos with the comment, "VERY cool use of vibranium."

In a short time, Evans was caught by his critics on Twitter – most of them seeming to have a problem with Crenshaw's policy.

But, as some have pointed out, it was encouraging to see people who do not necessarily agree politically, always able to converse amicably.

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