Dangerous elite players save a player stuck in space since November

Nearly three months ago, the dangerous player Deluvian Reyes Cruz (Elite: Dangerous) embarked on a trip to determine how far they could travel from the Sol system. To be safe, they have prepared enough fuel for a return trip. Towards the end of their trip, they made the right decision to remove this fuel tank, and this choice left them in space for months. Recently, the players finally progressed in a rescue attempt.

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, Cruz has been drifting since last November after launching in an attempt to set a new distance record traveled far from the Sol system. Players, including Cruz, have gradually built on this distance record thanks to the modernization of their ships and their many expeditions. These trips take hundreds of hours because there is no easy way to quickly jump distances into unknown territories. Instead, players "super-browse" these distances in real time. The Reyes Cruz delta traveled for 42 days when they made a decision that left them stuck in space.

After traveling 65,788 light-years from Sol and achieving a personal best in distance, Cruz scampered an extra amount of fuel for the return trip, but had to travel a light-year away. This decision left them unable to return to a known system.

"I spent 42 days arriving where I am and in a split second, I made a bad call … no return," said Cruz in a message posted on the forum in last November.

A rescue attempt is currently underway, led by the "Fuel Rats", a group of players who are dedicated to providing emergency refueling to stranded players. In 2017, they saved another pilot who blew up fuel calculations during their distance record attempt. So, the "Fuel Rats" are not new in this area, but each operation carries risks. This ongoing rescue attempt, Operation Beyond The Dark Edge, involves five different ships heading to Cruz. Two of these ships will make the entire trip to drop the fuel needed before everyone returns to the known space.

The Fuel Rats will reach Cruz's ship on February 23rd. Meanwhile, one of the ships follows their journey aboard Twitch live. Let's hope things go smoothly, and the Fuel Rats can finally bring Cruz back to Sol. If not: who will feed the rats with fuel? Probably more fuel rats.

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