Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park Goes Meatless – NBC New York

Eleven Madison Park is rated as one of the best restaurants in New York City and around the world – and starting next month, it’s also going to be completely meatless and almost entirely vegan.

“If Eleven Madison Park is truly at the forefront of food and beverage innovation, it’s clear to me it’s the only place to go next,” chef-owner Daniel Humm told The Wall Street Journal in an interview. published Monday morning.

The restaurant, at 24th Street and Madison Avenue, will reopen in-person service on June 10 with what the website describes as “an eight- to ten-course menu in the main dining room of all plant-based dishes.”

Humm told the Journal that the restaurant will still allow milk and honey for coffee and tea, which means it won’t be fully vegan.

Either way, the change will potentially have huge repercussions in the world of gastronomy, given the importance of the restaurant. Eleven Madison Park holds three Michelin stars, four New York Times stars, seven James Beard Awards and a 2017 distinction as the world’s best restaurant.

Humm told NPR that the restaurant’s downtime during the pandemic made him think about sustainability and caused him to switch to plant-based food.

“The way we source our food, the way we consume our food, the way we eat meat, it’s not sustainable,” Humm said in an interview with NPR.

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